A Resource on Indian-Drosophila

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Taxonomy of Indian Drosophilids

‚Äč            Drosophilids as a broader taxonomic group are very diverse in subtropical India, with over 320 species identified till date (Fartyal & Singh, 2001; Gupta, 2005; Kumar & Ajai, 2009; Kandpal & Singh, 2010; Pradhan et al 2015). There are 25 genera which comprise the Indian drosophilids fauna and among them, genus Drosophila is the most important and of common occurrence. Genus Drosophila Fallen is further divided into subgenera. The number of subgenera found in India is described differently by different authors (see Singh, 2015). Gupta (2005) proposed four subgenera of the genus Drosophila found in India: DorsilophaDudaicaDrosophila and Sophophora. In India genus Drosophila is comprises by more than 150 species (R. S. Fartyal; unpublished data). The genus Drosophila has rich species diversity in India where a high level of diversity of ecological conditions might have provided impetus to the evolution of Drosophila species. A large number of species of this genus is endemic to this subcontinent (Singh, 2015). 


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